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The Prayer Spaces in Schools Network are trusted friends and prayer space practitioners who can also offer support, encouragement and local training workshops to those who want to get started with prayer spaces.

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About the Regional Network

The Network, these regional friends, work closely with the national core team. Together, we serve and steward and represent Prayer Spaces in Schools. We are committed to the values and to the overall vision, which is to equip local Christians to serve the spiritual and pastoral life of their local school communities by hosting great prayer spaces. (And yes, the word ‘local’ appears twice – we’re trying to make a point.)

You may want to exchange some emails or chat with someone on the phone, or maybe meet for a coffee to get some advice and ideas. You may want to visit a prayer space in your area. You may want to organise a training workshop, or attend one nearby. Hopefully, our regional Networkers will be able to help you.