Prayer spaces in schools around the world

The first few prayer spaces in schools were in Great Britain. Since then this simple idea has spread to many other nations.

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Planning and running your prayer
space is easier than you think…

What are prayer spaces?

Prayer spaces give children and young people a way to explore personal reflection and prayer for themselves using a selection of engaging and creative activities.

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How to run a prayer space

From how to recruit and train a great volunteer team to choosing the right location for your prayer space, we’ve got detailed step-by-step guidelines to help you get started.

Plan your Prayer Space

Explore our Resource Library

Our growing library of resources includes prayer activities, lesson plans and good practice guidelines. We’ve got everything you need to host a fantastic prayer space.

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Prayer activities

The resources in our library are all tried-and-tested. Choose what’s right for your prayer space, whether it’s in school or at home.

Activity encourages pupils to think about their hopes and dreams.


Forest Hope

The World

Helps pupils to pray for the war in Ukraine.


Pray for Ukraine


Pupils consider when they've said or done 'rubbish' things


Forest Rubbish


Pupils think about and pray for those who need comfort.


Comfort Blanket


Encourages pupils to think about the beauty in the world.


Forest Thanks


Prayer for stillness &peace in countries that are fighting


Peace Maker

More Prayer Activities


Inspiring stories that show the different ways people have run prayer spaces and the impact they’ve had on pupils and their schools.
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"I cannot put into words just how much the prayer space has transformed our school."

The interest in prayer spaces is rising quickly, and perhaps the need for them – spaces where pupils can pause, reflect on what’s happening in their lives and around the world and maybe try praying – has never been greater.
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What people say...

“The prayer space has been brilliant for my students. A personal, spiritual and peaceful experience for all groups: I highly recommend it.” 

Head of R.E.

“I’ve never seen prayer displayed or experienced like this before. It’s made me realise how many different ways prayer can be appreciated. It’s opened up religion into my life again. Thank you!” 

6th Form pupil

“I loved this place, it was so relaxed. It gave me a chance to say how I really felt as I don’t really talk with my family”

Year 6 pupil