Planning your prayer space

Our nine step guide

Having tracked and supported thousands of prayer spaces over the last ten years, we’ve noticed some common themes. We’re confident that the following nine steps will help you to host your best possible prayer space.
Step 1

Getting started

Here's where it all begins. Everything you need to get started.
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Step 2

Serving the School Community

Building a relationship that serves the whole school community.
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Step 3

Registering your prayer space

Registering your prayer space with Prayer Spaces in Schools.
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Step 4

Choosing a room

Finding a space that will work well for the school and the students.
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Step 5

Choosing the prayer activities

Getting the right mix of prayer activities.
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Step 6

Recruiting and training a team

Recruiting and training a great prayer space team.
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Step 7

Publicity and Preparation

Getting things (and people) ready for your prayer space.
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Step 8

Running Your Prayer Space

Making sure that your prayer space is the Best One Ever.
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Step 9

What Next?

Supporting the ongoing spiritual life of the school community.
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Need Help?

If you need any further help and advice with your prayer space, please in touch.

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