Step 3

Registering your prayer space

Registering your prayer space with Prayer Spaces in Schools.

When you’ve agreed the dates of your prayer space, please let us know. It’s easy to do – here’s a link to the online form – and the details won’t appear anywhere publicly.

It’s good for you:

When you register your prayer space, it means that we can offer support, new resources, good advice, and any ‘hot tips’ that are being passed around at that time.

It also means that we can connect you with a regional Networker or with others in your area who are hosting prayer spaces. A bit of local support and encouragement is always a good thing.

It’s good for Prayer Spaces in Schools:

When you register your prayer space, it becomes part of the regional and national data that we collect. Along with the stories and feedback from prayer spaces, these go into all sorts of reports and articles, and they help with funding applications too.

Most of all though, the registration system enables us to walk and work more closely with you, to connect with you, to learn with you and to share your learning and experiences with others. We’re in this thing together.

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Need Help?

If you need any further help and advice with your prayer space, please in touch.

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