Step 7

Publicity and Preparation

Getting things (and people) ready for your prayer space.

In the build-up to your prayer space, remember that it won’t just be pupils who are affected by it. The school community is wide and varied, including; pupils, teaching staff, caretakers and cleaners, Governors, parents and families at home, school visitors, even local church members. And you will want to communicate with each of these groups in different ways.

Here are some examples:

Local church(es)

Find out which churches have connections with the school, and let them know the dates of the prayer space. Ask them to pray, and give them a few prayer requests. If you’re hosting an open evening during the prayer space, invite them to visit – to come and see.


Some schools (primary more than secondary) like to write a short letter to parents about their upcoming prayer space. You could offer to draft this letter with them, explaining what a prayer space is, and how yours is going to work. If you’re hosting an open evening during the prayer space (which we’d recommend) invite them to visit with their child. Have refreshments available.

School staff, Governors

You could offer to prepare a short briefing for staff, to explain what a prayer space is and how theirs is going to work. If possible, present this to the staff team in person. If it’s not, print it onto one sheet of A4 and include a couple of good photos of prayer activities, along with your contact details. You may like to include a link to this website as well. Invite staff and Governors to visit the prayer space, either during a special session before it ‘officially’ opens, or throughout the week.


Some schools like pupils to know about the prayer space in advance. In which case, you could create a simple ‘coming soon’ poster, or offer to do a short assembly on ‘What is prayer?’ to dispel some myths and stir interest.

Recruiting and training a team Running Your Prayer Space

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