Step 1

Getting started

Here’s where it all begins. Everything you need to get started.

You may be a parent, a children’s worker or a youth worker. You may be a pupil or a teacher, or maybe you’re involved in schools in some other way. Whoever you are, we’re delighted that you’re here, and that you’re about to start a(nother) prayer space adventure.

Please take your time to work through these nine steps. They’re based on the experience of more than 5000 prayer spaces, so we’re pretty confident that you’ll find what you need here.

Here are a few Getting Started tips:

1. Read some stories

Stories of prayer spaces in other places will inspire you and help you to imagine your own. Read some of the recent stories on this website, and maybe send a few to the friends and colleagues who you’re hoping will help you with your prayer space.

2. Explore this website and join us on social media

If you use social-media, follow these links to like our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram. These pages are good for connecting with others who are hosting prayer spaces in their local schools. Come and join in the conversations. And watch a few prayer space videos on our Vimeo and You Tube channels too.

3. Go to a training workshop

Check our training webpage regularly for a list of any upcoming workshops, conferences and online training events that the Prayer Spaces in Schools team and our regional Networkers are involved in.

These events are always good, not only for the training content, but also for the opportunities to meet people who have hosted, or are hosting, prayer spaces in local schools.

4. Host a training workshop, or let’s have a coffee

If you can’t find a training workshop near you, perhaps you could organise one? We can deliver a wide range of seminar-style, discussion-based or interactive training events to fill a whole or half day, an hour-session or even a coffee-shop conversation, and we’d love to help you if we can. Get in touch and let’s talk.

5. Visit a prayer space

Perhaps the best way to get started with your first prayer space is to see one in action. Or at least to meet with someone who has hosted one near you.

One of the reasons that we try to keep track of all the prayer spaces as they happen is so that we can connect you with others who are hosting, or have hosted, one near you.

6. Pray

Lastly (or perhaps firstly?), it’s always good to pray. Talk with God about the school that you’re thinking about, the one that you have some connections with already, and listen to what God says. Ask God to guide you into the right conversations with the right people at the right time. And may the adventure continue.

Serving the School Community

Need Help?

If you need any further help and advice with your prayer space, please in touch.

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