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Transition Flags

Transitioning from one year group to the next can be a daunting prospect for pupils. It can mean new teachers, new classrooms and even new friendships. Moving from one school… Read More


Transforming Butterflies

Change isn’t easy, and the changes that pupils experience within their school communities can be especially difficult. Changing classes and teachers. Changing year groups. Perhaps changing from one school to another. Change can… Read More


Friendship Foundation

Friendships can be a huge concern for pupils, especially those moving schools. This activity is great for using with year 6 pupils thinking about transitioning to secondary school. They will… Read More


Leavers Service

In 2014, and again in 2015, the Diocese of Guildford hosted a huge prayer space at Guildford Cathedral, UK,  to help Year 6 students mark their transition from primary to… Read More


“There is no doubt that this was an extremely valuable day”

One of the teachers invited us to run a prayer space in her school, she’d recently visited a prayer space we’d run in another school. We of course wanted to… Read More