(England) Prayer Spaces and RE


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Religious Education is a statutory subject – all schools are required to teach it. However, what is taught in a school depends to some extent on the faith mix of the local or regional community. At the national level there is the non-statutory framework, from which the “in depth” notes have been taken. At a local or education authority level there is the local agreed syllabus. This is put together by a group of RE advisors under the guidance of the local Standing Advisory Committee for Religious Education, which includes members of faith groups. From this local syllabus each school will put together its own scheme of work – this will be agreed with the governors and will be strongly influenced by the RE teacher.

This explains why two schools next to each other in the same town could have quite a different approach to the way they teach RE. Therefore the best way to find out about RE in a school is to meet up with the teacher and discuss it, exploring ways in which a Prayer Space could compliment what?s being taught. This reflects one really important aspect of Prayer Spaces in Schools – building a meaningful relationship with the school and its staff, connecting the Christian community with the school community around trust and mutual understanding.

Download this document for more information and examples of the way that Prayer Spaces in Schools can connect with RE.


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