Leavers Service

The Diocese of Guildford hosted a huge prayer space at Guildford Cathedral, UK,  to help Year 6 students mark their transition from primary to secondary school.

Jane Whittington, Schools Officer for the Diocese of Guildford, organised these services and wrote most of our Resource Pack below. In the introduction she writes;

The change to a prayer space style of service was done to enable the pupils to pause in the busyness of secondary induction days, leaving celebrations and general end-of-year events to reflect and pray about the transition. I wanted to include the opportunity to deal with regrets and forgiveness, which are not usually included in transition work. Talking to the adults involved, many of us still carried issues from primary school that had never been dealt with. Feedback from schools has been very positive with some schools following up on the activities back in school.”

Contents Include:

  • Overview of the prayer activities and the Leaver’s Service
  • A list of materials and instructions for the five prayer activities
  • A month-by-month list of the main planning tasks
  • Examples of the prayer activity instruction sheets
  • Example letters to Diocese colleagues, volunteers, schools
  • An example guide for group leaders
  • An example evaluation form


How To Run A Leavers Service Prayer Space In A Cathedral

More information about the Diocese of Guildford.

For further support in getting started with your Leavers Service prayer space, please contact us.