Wherever you are in the world right now… welcome

Prayer Spaces in Schools is becoming an international movement as Christians in more and more nations adopt (and adapt) the prayer space model for their schools. While these prayer spaces may look a little different because of the cultural or educational context, the vision is always the same – to create spaces in schools where pupils can reflect or pray.

Wherever you’re from, please explore this website. We’re confident that it will help you to understand the basics of what prayer spaces in schools are and how they work. Some of the content is based on the education system in Great Britain, but the values, the principles and most of the resources can be used anywhere in the world.

Prayer spaces in your nation

Prayer Spaces in Schools has coordinators and teams in a number of different nations. Here are some national websites and webpages, and some social media channels too where you’ll find stories, resources and people to help you get started.