A decade of Prayer Spaces in Schools in Malta

9th May 2024

24.04.24 was a momentous occasion, a decade of Prayer Spaces in Schools in Malta!

Phil Togwell, International Director of Prayer Spaces in Schools, flew over to join 110 school staff and chaplains, nuns and priests, catechists, and formation leaders who came together to celebrate.

Organized by the dedicated team of Spiritual Development in Schools within the Vicariate of Evangelisation of the Archdiocese of Malta, the celebration was more than just a gathering of individuals. It was a gathering of hearts united in faith and gratitude for the precious gift of life and the countless blessings that had enriched their paths along the way, especially through Prayer Spaces in Schools.

The day was full of stories of gratitude, spiritual growth, insightful discussions, and meaningful connections.  They delved into the genesis of Prayer Spaces in the UK and worldwide through an inspiring interview with Phil Togwell. Following, a panel discussion with Fr Paul Chetcuti SJ, Fr Reuben Gauci, Silvana Cardona and Bernadette Sammut Briffa exploring the spiritual growth through a decade of prayer spaces in Malta.

During this decade, many educators have worked with Prayer Spaces with various age and stages of school in many locations and then branching out further into other communities as well. So much to celebrate!

And of course, there was cake!

You can find out more about Prayer Spaces in Schools in Malta here