'Storms & Lighthouses theme'

10th August 2023

To create our prayer and reflection spaces we use gazebos and fabric to create a unique space. We also use a lot of fairy lights and sensory items that help to make the prayer spaces as calm and inclusive as possible. We have instrumental worship music playing in the background. This helps the young people to have some quiet time, away from the busyness of school life to reflect or pray. We set and theme and then find it helpful to look on the prayer space in school’s website to see if we can use or adapt some activities that are available to use there.

The theme of our space this year was ‘Storms and Lighthouses’. A school had asked us to hold a space around ‘safety’ as they found that the children were feeling unsafe. That became our focus – Who keeps us safe when times get stormy. 

We picked some activities that we could use that would fit our theme. A few examples of these are-

·      Be the light – we asked the young people to think of a time when they had been like a lighthouse for somebody who needed help. We encouraged them to reflect and pray about how they could be a light to someone else or help to someone in need.

·      Under my Umbrella – we asked the young people the question whose umbrella are you standing under. Who protects you when you’re feeling scared? The young people were encouraged to write a thank you prayer.

·      Storm Worries – we had a pot with some worry stones in it and a pair of wooden hands. We asked the children whose hands do you place your worries into.

The young people were engaged throughout their time in the space. It’s incredibly important for them to have that time to reflect and pray (if they wish).  The activities allowed them to independently work out a way in which they could self-regulate their own thoughts and feelings, but it also allowed them to think about others not just themselves. The space that was created helped them to do just that. 

Here’s some pupil feedback-

Year 6 Class: we found it relaxing as you could go into your own world and think about your feelings. Staring at the bubble tube and lights gave you time to think and feel calm.

Year 5 pupil: I thought it was incredible – unlike anything I could think of.

Year 4 Class: Everyone seems a bit kinder and calmer to each other, especially on the playground.

Year 3 pupil- Worry task – you write your worry down and what you want to change. I felt relieved afterwards.