Quick and easy prayer space activity suitable for any location foyers, classrooms or even the outdoors

18th May 2023

Last week we heard from Fiona of St Mary’s Island School in Medway following one of our sessions in Spring Harvest the previous month. She shared with us a super simple but very effective and popular prayer activity she has been running in her school already. 

We loved it and had to share with you!

Sunflowers for Hope

Fiona shared, the pupils can hold a tiny seed and think about growing their big hopes for the future. 

Then they can reflect on an empty pot and a growing plant. 

Responding by then writing on a petal their hope and add it to the growing sunflower.

Fiona said, ‘’The sunflowers have been fun, very easy to set up too. The space is in the entrance of our school and the final photo is a classroom sunflower prayer space. The quotes I have used were from google’’. 

All you need is a couple of empty flowerpots, some pre-cut leaf shapes to make the big sunflower together, along with the seeds!