A report from Ali Rice on their recent prayer space in school in St Thomas's, Wigan.

26th January 2023

We designed this prayer space with Church schools across Wigan in mind. The planning  & resources for this space have become a Church Wigan Collaborative Prayer Space Toolkit. Other churches and schools will be able to use it to explore creative prayer together. 17 visitors from across Liverpool Diocese and beyond visited our prayer space to see it in action and to be inspired to consider how they could do something like this in their own settings. 

How did the prayer space support spiritual development for pupils and adults? 

We ensured that there were a balance of activities in this space to help pupils engage
with spiritual development using the terms developed from Prayer Spaces in Schools Based on the research of Hay / Nye.

Me & Myself

Identity and self-image Who am I? 

Me & Others 

Relationships and resolving conflict
How can I be reconciled with others? 

Me & The World 

Beauty, awe and wonder in creation
Justice and the natural world What difference can I make in the world? 

Me & God 

Faith and big questions What do I believe about life?
How can I connect with God? 

We planned a range of opportunities to support spiritual development. Opportunities to: 

Think about the ‘wows’ and ‘ows’ of life. Develop curiosity. Practise stillness.  Reflect. Think deeply. Be challenged into action. Respond in prayer. 

Alongside opportunities for spiritual development we also planned the space around activities which could support pupils to pray at home. We used this acronym: STIR

TSP Stir

Thank you 



Stir me into action 

Each of the activities helped pupils to explore one of these themes. At the end of the week, pupils were all given a teaspoon with a TSP Stir label, to support them in praying at home. 

At the end of each session each class were given an evaluation form to reflect on their experience. Here are some of the findings… 

How would you describe the prayer space to someone who’d never seen it? Here are some of the replies

It makes you think about countries who need help. 

It feels like love. 

It’s a happy place. 

It helps you to pray to God. 

Brilliant! Exciting! Lovely! Excellent! 

It’s a time to be with God. 

It is peaceful. 

It helps you to 

It’s calming and special. 

It makes you think and be thankful. 

It is peaceful. 

pray to God. 

It’s a place where worries don’t exist. 

How do you feel now you have been to the prayer space? Here are some of the replies

I got everything off my chest. I’m not worrying anymore. 

I feel protected, not vulnerable. 

I feel like I’ve helped someone. 

I feel connected to my brother. I’ve enjoyed the experience. 

My body calmed itself down. 

Surprised! Amazed! 

I loved it! 

I feel tired as it was so calm. 


I keep wanting to think about it a lot! 

Take a look at the activities below, if you click each title it will take you to the prayer activity too. 

Calm Jars 

Fizzy Forgiveness 

Friendship Zips 

Thankful Boards 


Seat of Power 

Pray for the World 


Prayers @ The Cross 

Hope Rope 

Big Questions