Magnetic Hooks

12th October 2022

This week we heard from a Prayer Spaces in Schools leader that something they always have in their set up tool box is magnetic hooks. So it got us thinking… what are your top tool box set up MUST haves? Of course, we asked the leader, what do you use them for!? Here is their response…

‘Magnetic hooks can be a super simple way of hanging strings or fabric from a suspended ceiling, the type where the tiles are held in a grid of steel strips. Search online for suppliers. Choose hooks that have neodymium magnets as these are strongest and you’ll only need the 16mm or at the most 20mm size. This size is small enough to fit onto the steel strip. Anything bigger won’t fit properly, will have too strong a pull to be easy or safe to use, and will be bigger and heavier therefore creating a bigger risk of minor injury if someone does manage to pull it off the ceiling. And they’ll be more expensive.

As well as hanging strings from them you can also use these magnets to ‘trap’ light fabric against the ceiling to create a curtain wall and if you cover tables with cloth you can use them to clamp the fabric to steel table legs to keep things tidy.

When you store them make sure you keep the magnets away from electronic devices like iPods, memory sticks, computers or any magnetic card (bank cards, door access cards) as the strong magnetic field can damage these’

How very simple, effective and very versatile! How about you? What’s your top ‘must have’ in your prayer spaces in schools set up tool box?

Send us message now, we would love to put together a top tool box list, to help and inspire others.