''A beautiful door poster for the room we were in!''

3rd October 2022

Sarah Snell, PACE Guernsey, writes:

A few years ago, we turned up to a school for our Prayer Spaces and they had made a beautiful door poster for the room we were in! They had decorated it with lots of colour, the name of the school and our name “PACE”. We hadn’t asked the school to do this, but we loved it so much that we now suggest it each time we meet with a school to organise an event! 

Not only does it help the children find the room, but it gives them ownership, gets them excited and looking forward to a special room, something new and will help them remember it!

In our schools we sometimes call the events “Reflection Spaces” or “Quiet Spaces” to fit in with the school requirements. Below are some pictures of these wonderful creations! In the first one, an animal is saying “So calming” and surrounded by love hearts.