“It made me realise I’m worth more than I think I am.”

16th June 2022

“Why was I born in the wrong body?” “Why is life hard for some and easy for others?”

These are just 2 of many profound and interesting responses to the Big Questions activity that Ali Rice and team reported after running a recent prayer space at Ellesmere Port C of E College.

“This was the first experience staff and students at Ellesmere Port C of E College had of a prayer space. Although, at first, it felt a little overwhelming, the students settled into the space quickly and began to engage really well with the activities and with the helpers who were hosting the space. Each of the activities, based on the brilliant Prayer Spaces in Schools resources, was adapted to explore the school’s vision and moral virtues and how these apply to daily life. Using the themes of ‘me and myself’, ‘me and others’, ‘me and the world’ and ‘me and God’ we ensured that pupils were able to consider different aspects of their spirituality. At the end of each prayer space we gave pupils the opportunity to reflect on their experience using a questionnaire. These were analysed, along with other responses from the prayer space, and our impact document was created. This really helped us to see the power of the prayer space and to capture the transformational impact this experience had on the lives of the pupils.”

Ali’s report found that 78% of 248 pupils said their mood improved after participating in a prayer space session and some felt dramatically different after their experience.

Here are some reflections on the prayer space from pupils:

“My respect grew, as well as my compassion towards others and myself.”

“I found it spiritually uplifting and quite calming.”

“It made me realise I’m worth more than I think I am.”

“It helped me open my mind about what the world is going through and what I’m grateful for.”

“It made my fears go away and my anxiety disappear.”

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