7 Ways to Love Your School

23rd August 2021

This could be a very significant back to school for many students. The last academic year was a year like no other. Children and young people have had to adapt to online learning, wearing face masks and having to social distance from their friends. There has been so much uncertainty, disappointments, worry and loneliness over the last year which has caused many children and young people to feel anxious. 

As we approach the beginning of a new academic year and students return to the classroom, let us join together and pray for and love our local schools. 

Here are seven ways you can love your local school this September.

  • Get to know the people in your church. Who are teachers? What schools do the children attend? Maybe you could pray for them in your church service or in your own time.
  • Print off a local map of your neighbourhood and highlight all of the schools. Ask God what you could pray for each one of them or a Bible verse you could declare over them.
  • Prayer walk to your local schools and maybe write a prayer on a lollypop stick and bury it into the ground outside each school. 
  • Offer to run a prayer space with your local school. Have a look at our 9 Step Guide to help you get started.
  • Write a letter to your local school’s headteacher and ask what you can be praying for.
  • Offer to volunteer at your local school.
  • Find out more about other organisations that work in schools, especially local ones to you. Pray for them. 

Here are a few national ones to check out:

Pray for Schools


Scripture Union

Youth for Christ



Scripture Union Scotland is running Back to School with God and this year’s theme is the Boat and the Breakfast. Access this resource here.

The Free churches group have provided resources for Education Sunday on 12th September. The theme is A Word in Season. Access this resource here.