"This year our social justice focus in the world zone was campaigning for the Covid 19 vaccine to be made freely available worldwide"

15th July 2021

We were delighted to be invited back to Sheringham High School to lead the Soul Space once again. It was recognised to be an important tool in helping students to navigate the difficulties of the last year, praying and reflecting on what’s been happening in their lives and in the world over the past 18 months.

Once again, we worked in partnership with other local churches, sharing resources and a team to staff the event in the school’s drama studio from 5th-9th July. We had all the year 7-10 students through the Soul Space during their Philosophy & Ethics lessons.

Many of the central activities remained the same- a thanksgiving area, sorry cards, be still tent & opportunity to reflect on big questions of life- “if God is real and you could ask one thing, what would it be?” We added in some new activities from the Prayer Spaces in School website reflecting on the pandemic – Love Overcomes Fear, Behind the Mask, Help the Helpers & Keep Others Safe.

The students had some amazing creative responses drawing on the “Where is God?” cards. The prayer wall was again covered with post-it notes, including heartfelt petitions of healing for family members, prayers for global situations and of course many for football to come home! The empty chair activity provided students with the opportunity to process loss with many saying they had valued the act of tying a ribbon to the chair in remembrance of someone missing from their lives.

This year our social justice focus in the world zone was campaigning for the Covid 19 vaccine to be made freely available worldwide. To show support for this campaign, backed by many charities including Oxfam & Christian aid, the students were to fill a syringe of water into a test tube as a creative symbolic act of signing the petition. During the week 500 students did so and we invited our local MP Duncan Baker to visit the Soul Space and receive the petition from the new Head Students.

We had an incredibly positive response from students who enjoyed the “calm, safe atmosphere,” providing an opportunity to “process emotions” with many saying it helped them “connect with God”. Staff members too were very encouraging with one teacher saying “it was beautifully therapeutic, all our students benefit more than they could articulate”.