"The prayer space was relaxing. It gave me a chance to think"

11th June 2020

In January 2020, pupils at Bishop Aldhelm’s experienced a ‘Prayer Space’ week. We transformed an area of the school into a reflective space with different interactive activities allowing for the pupils to explore prayer and provide them with time to think.

This year’s theme was ‘community’ with many of the activities centred around praying for their family, friends, school, places they visit in their town and the wider world.  There were a few favourite activities – making pom pom creatures to represent their uniqueness, creating LEGO buildings, modelling plasticine to represent themselves in school as well as scratch art prayers to bring light and hope into people’s lives.

“Prayer space was a lovely opportunity for the children to share their thoughts and feelings in an engaging way about belonging in different communities and God.” – Year 2 teacher

“I thought it was really inspiring for the little ones to take part.” –  Year 1 Teaching Assistant

“The prayer space was relaxing. It gave me a chance to think. The scratch art was my favourite part – I drew a picture of the stars in the night sky because the message was about how we could show light to others and God.” Pupil

The children were joined by volunteers from 3 local churches and the school community who helped to lead the children through the activities. The staff and children at Bishop Aldhelm’s are very grateful for the opportunity to engage with prayer in this way and would like to thank the volunteers for their support.