Prayer Space Bus

20th May 2019

For the last two years, no room has been available in my school for me, as a governor, to install what was, the annual prayer space. So I thought that I would bring the space to the school.

My church owns a single deck bus, with many of the seats removed, and used for detached youth work, in local estates. So having passed my competence test, and with a licence that allows me to drive a bus, I parked it outside the main entrance, built a prayer space, and the children came along, half a class at a time, and loved it.

There were 17 different stations for them to engage with, and their posters now adorn the small permanent prayer space in the school. Visitors from other schools were invited to view, and they also loved what they saw, and realised the potential for their school. Already, another school has booked the bus for a few weeks time, doubling the size of their planned prayer space, and the hope is for other local schools to ‘get on board.’