Prayer spaces in schools has made its way across the pond to Canada

12th January 2019

“Prayer Spaces In Schools has made its way across the pond to Canada. We want to thank the Prayer Spaces team for their fantastic resources and innovative ideas. 

Using various ideas from the website as inspiration, we spent a couple of weeks on the topic of prayer in Christian Studies lessons.  Teachers transformed their classrooms into prayerful spaces. Students could engage with different prayer activities based on some themes from the Lord’s Prayer. 

Students of different ages (Kindergarten to Grade Nine) were able to engage in prayerful activities in fresh, creative ways. These activities were well received by a wide range and age of students. We then used this as a stepping stone to launch into our “Spiritual Emphasis Week” and to begin new prayer initiatives that continue to put prayer at the centre of what we do as a school community.

Thanks again for all your hard work and creativity towards finding new ways for youngsters to engage more meaningfully into prayerful moments and spaces.”