"I enjoyed the stress beads because they helped me to relax and I now feel calm"

25th January 2018

‘I loved how it gave you time to think and relax.’

Just one of the comments given in feedback from the hundreds we received over the course of a two week Year 6 Prayer Space, focusing on looking back before leaving Primary School and looking forward to new challenges and changes as they move on in June this year.

‘I enjoyed the stress beads because they helped me to relax and I now feel calm.’

At Weston Favell we partner with Northampton Primary Academy Trust, a growing Trust of 11 schools across the town. We invited all of the schools to bring their Year 6 classes over which meant that over the course of the two weeks we had something in the region of 600 pupils plus staff visit the space.

‘I liked the forgiveness stones because you got to choose whether you were going to forgive or not.’

“I enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere. Time to sit and think for/about me. Time to switch off by watching the glitter floating around.”

When we looked more closely at pupils responses they seemed to particularly appreciate the activities that helped them reflect on themselves, then their families and friends and then the wider community, although, all of the activities were valued.

‘It was amazing thank you so much for having us.’

As a church school, the prayer spaces are very much part of our life together and it is good to see the rest of NPAT making it a part of theirs. We had several schools that had never experienced one before but who really ‘got it’ straightaway.

‘I thought all the activities were great and helped the children think about their feelings.’

‘It was amazing!’